Mediator, Facilitator, HRD Consultant & Communications

National Accredited Mediator (NMAS) and experienced HR practitioner, Belinda Winter brings corporate expertise across workplace mediation, facilitation, coaching (mid-mgt to executive level), HR Director Consulting and Communications.

Combining her extensive HR Director experience with strong communication and change management skills, Belinda brings passion, dynamism and insight to work through and with people to achieve personal and business goals across a broad range of business acumen.


“I wish to personally thank you, for the great facilitation effort yesterday.
We asked a lot of you, and you absolutely delivered! The feedback has been very positive.”

November 2023

“Thank you for your report, your flexibility, effort and time in assisting us with our Culture”.

June 2023

“I have most certainly observed and experienced a difference with our team’s approach. I am so pleased with how we are handling communications & conflict”.

September 2022

“Belinda is a great presenter – friendly, enthusiastic and respectful; she knew how to guide and pace the session to ensure comfort to all participants.

A wealth of knowledge, tools and strategies were shared by Belinda that will be utilised and practiced in those difficult conversations in our day-to-day lives. Thank you!”

October 2021

“Belinda grasps the Organization’s requirements and culture quickly, executing the brief independently.

Her warmth and professionalism won the confidence and respect of leaders”.

April 2021

“Belinda is a natural trainer and facilitator. We now engage Belinda on a regular basis to lead our strategy workshops as well as continued leadership training. Belinda has become a valuable extension to our senior executive team”.

January 2021

“Thank you for your professionalism, to help resolve our long history of negativity towards each other. This process has helped me move forward to a positive place”.

September 2020

“Thank you so much Belinda, I found your approach excellent, supportive and neutral”.

April 2020

“I have appreciated your experience and responsiveness assisting with this matter”.

January 2020

Workplace Mediation

Mediation is an informal process that can be utilised to deal with workplace conflict quickly and efficiently, through a neutral impartial mediator. My expertise is workplace mediation, helping people talk about difficult issues, through respectful use of language to find workable, future focused solutions. Mediation takes place in person or online via VC platforms such as; Zoom or WebEx.


Facilitation is an efficient and effective way for a leadership group, board or workplace teams to make progress and succeed. By having me as your independent, neutral facilitator to facilitate business meetings, team building days, leadership workshops, makes a huge difference to inclusion by bringing everyone’s voice to the table through active listening and managing time efficiently to achieve tangible outcomes and results.

HRD Consultant

Do you need short-term or project resourcing completed with professionalism and efficiency? Perhaps a major deadline is approaching and you need extra HR resourcing to maximise results. With my extensive HRD experience across the people lifecycle including change management, restructuring, communications; I can tailor my HR expertise to your brief.

Courageous Communications Workshops

Now more than ever, communication is an art not a science. I facilitate a bespoke workshop for workplaces enabling you to navigate our rapidly changing work-life environment. Focusing on key aspects to enhance communication including; conflict conversations, negotiation and those micro communication skills that can make all the difference to your life.

Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace

There are new laws in effect around Australia that psychosocial risks must be managed like physical risks. Now more than ever, Leaders in all workplaces (large or small) have an explicit duty to eliminate or minimise as reasonably practicable workplace psychosocial risks. This 90mins workshop takes Leaders through a refresher across discrimination, harassment, and workplace bullying, including what is reasonable management action. Leaders then discuss and learn about what psychosocial hazards are, what their roles and responsibilities are including case scenarios across a number of different workplace issues, as well as highlighting risk assessment and reviewing their control measures in relation to psychosocial hazards.

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Conflict can be conducive & constructive

Conflict is a small word with a big impact. Conflict is when two or more people see their needs or values as incompatible and not aligned. This is the hallmark of life, as conflict happens, at some stage in our lives, to all of us.

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Why Mediation Matters

Workplace disputes large or small have major impacts on both business and people. From a business perspective; loss of productivity, engagement, capability and competency can all affect business.

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